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~Mirabel Osler

Sunday, 18 March 2012

The AGC Visit to Casarabonela Botanical Garden

Carol writes:-
I think the visit was enjoyed by all 17 who came along.  The fully landscaped garden was well laid out with wide paths and easily negotiable steps with the planting beds full of mature and, in some cases, flowering cacti and succulents.  The sheltered village of Casarabonela tucked into the lower folds of the Sierra Nevadas has provided a perfect spot for displaying the owners' collection.  Unlike the devastation wreaked on these plants in our area the cacti here had largely escaped the ravages of the recent cold winds and below freezing temperatures that have decimated these same plants in our own local gardens.
The cacti, succulents and drought tolerant shrubs such as Ricinus, Euphorbia and Pelargoniums were all named (which is often off-putting in a botanical garden) was useful for keen gardeners wanting to purchase the same plants.  To see these mature, architectural specimens planted en mass with such artistry was an inspiration.
There was a small plant sales area and the ticket office sold locally made pottery at very reasonable prices - many members went away with their car boots filled.
After the garden tour ably given by a young Spaniard, Antonio, Maria, our Spanish host led the way to the village where we enjoyed a very good 3-course menu del día for €7 per head including drinks.
All in all a very satisfying visit well worth the 90km trip.
(Next visit is to the gardens of Joe and Brenda Macnamara and Margaret Stevenson on 10th April.)

Office - prior to being separated into Over 65 & Youngsters

Easy pathways for meandering

Looking up at the greenhouse

Good looking group of enthusiasts!

Cacti.... or visitors from outer space?

Greenhouse heat control using windows and blinds

Gorgeous ground cover

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