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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

June Visit to Gibraltar


 One of our members has kindly suggested that we visit The Botanical Gardens in Gibraltar, which look wonderful - see  www.gibraltargardens.gi  for further information.

The proposed plan is to visit on Tuesday 12th June by private bus from Cómpeta stopping at Archez Cruz but we need a minimum of 20 persons to make the trip worthwhile.
We would leave Cómpeta by bus at 09.00am returning at approximately 7pm.  The bus will drop us over the border in Gibraltar (don't forget your passports!) and from there we need to make our own way to the gardens;- either by free number 4 bus or £5 for a taxi which will take 4 people.
The club will partially subsidise the bus fee and pay for a guided tour of the gardens, which takes approximately 1.5 hours. After the tour, there will be an additional 1 hour at the gardens for you to wander as you please.  You may like to bring a picnic lunch. The souvenir shop sells ice creams and coffee.

based on 20 persons; €20 each plus Gibraltar transfer as above.
based on 25 persons; €16 each plus Gibraltar transfer as above.
based on 30 persons; €14 each plus Gibraltar transfer as above.

If you have friends or family staying with you, none club members are welcome to join us as at cost of  €28 / €24 / €21 respectively.

If you are interested in joining the trip email Cindy a.s.a.p. so she can confirm arrangements. 
A non refundable deposit of €10 is due on or before our May meeting.

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