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Monday, 2 April 2012

Looking for a House Warming Gift ? 
Make a Bee-Line to Antonio
AGC Members previously enjoyed a lecture from Antonio of Sayalonga  on the delights of beekeeping (apicultura). This spawned the idea of giving a unique gift as a House Warming present.
The whole endeavour was treated as a major secret. We arranged a date and time to meet Antonio and follow him to one of his hive sites. The recipients were given a set on instructions in the style of Lord Sugar of The Apprentice - "Lord Sugar requires you to be at X, tomorrow at 10:30am. You are required to bring wellington boots or similar....." 
There was an added piquancy to the event as the "tomorrow" concerned was actually April 1st!

After an "interesting" ride, we arrived at the location. Recipients were kitted out in overalls, gloves, huge helmet type masks and then marched down to the hives. We sensibly stayed with the car.
After a 90 minute lesson, including a "practical", they had transferred a colony of bees into their new home and were absolutely elated!! 
They returned to do a much needed strip-tease out of the heavy protective gear.
Home to select a location on their property with advice from Antonio on how to prepare it.
Their beehive will be delivered after 10pm when all the tired, little bees have gone in and settled down to sleep.  A bit of a bumpy ride will deliver them to their new location. 
We can only imagine their reaction at dawn and the mass, bee cry of "Where the hell are we???!"

Antonio was wonderful the whole time. His Spanish was easy to understand and nothing was too much trouble.  Like anyone who loves what he does - it was obviously a delight to pass on the knowledge.

It's been a fascinating experience....... and, maybe,we'll be following The Bee Adventures.

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