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There can be no other occupation like gardening in which, if you were to creep up behind someone at their work, you would find them smiling.

~Mirabel Osler

Friday, 22 June 2012

June Visit

If Carol survives her visitors (!) we will have her full report on our June visit.
We went to the garden of member Gill Jordan - who obviously spends 12 hours a day maintaining it!
We had a fascinating, comprehensive  talk from Chris-the-Gardner on the subject of ponds, plants and fish.
I know Brian and I learned so much and I no longer feed my "shoal" every morning. 
One less job to do...
Chris is contactable only by sending a text to 666 900 238. He will then make contact during his once-a-week visit to the village.

Anyone who took one of the willow tree cuttings that Brian brought along - please water it copiously until the root ball is well formed. Any problems - call him on 639 826 335

Enjoy this month's Blog.
Gardening is a matter of your enthusiasm holding up until your back gets used to it. 
 ~Author Unknown

Birgit's Timely Warning

I found this creature along with many others on a cistus bush. They are known to like citrus as well, and I have also observed them on my mimosa tree.

Comes from Australia, now worldwide. Scientific name:  Icerya purchasi.
Now the tiny nymphs have emerges from the cottony egg sacks - hordes of them! So now is the time to fight them, before they develop the protective shield. 

Financial Report from our Treasurer

Financial update as at 12 June.
Brought Forward from April!!                                                  € 734.11
Subscription                          10.00
Raffle                                      25.00
Plant Sales                              3.20

Plant Sales                            22.00
Payment to Chris re ponds  30.00     

Carried Forward                                                                    764.33


AGC Calendar for 2012

July - In-house talk (t.b.a) *

August - Summer Picnic

September - In-house talk (t.b.a)*

October - Visit to a member's garden

November - Visit to a member's garden

December - Xmas lunch in Competa

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Gardening Blog:-
This is an online blog for gardening news by Clodagh and Dick Handscombe

Spanish Allotments or Huertos - fascinating information..........

Answers to May Quiz

From Jane :- I haven't put a quiz in this June Blog. Please let me know if you want further little quizzes in our Blog 
1. How can you keep an area of soil weed-free, without digging?

a) Cut the tops of the weeds off with scissors, to prevent them from seeding
b) Cover the soil with a light-excluding mulch or mulch-fabric
c) Ignore the weeds and they will eventually go away

2. When a gardener makes a 'drill' what is he/she making?
a) A machine to make holes in the ground
b) A shallow trench in which to sow seeds
c) A loud noise to scare away birds

3. A 'kumquat' is a small Japanese variety of what sort of fruit?
a) Citrus
b) Plum
c) Pineapple

4. Harry Wheatcroft was a renowned breeder of which type of plant?
a) Fuchsias
b) Begonias
c) Roses

5. Name the evergreen hedging conifer that has created many a neighbourly dispute?
a) The British Leyland cedar
b) The Leyland cypress
c) The Lakeland cupressus

6. What is the Latin name for the Rowan Tree?
a) Sorbus
b) Malus
c) Prunus

7. On what would you use the spray containing the chemical 'Glyphosate'?
a) Persistent weeds
b) Greenfly, blackfly and whitefly
c) Black spot of roses

8. What is the popular name for the Antirrhinum?
a) Snake-bark maple
b) Snapdragon
c) Dog's tooth violet

9. Who, or what, is Müller-Thurgau?
a) A botanist from Victorian Bavaria
b) A variety of grape
c) A summer pudding using raspberries and yoghurt

10. In garden design terms, what is a Ha-Ha?
a) A ditch forming a boundary but not obscuring a view
b) An area of the garden using mirrors or other illusions
c) An arbour or other secluded seating area


It talks to me, everyday, my garden.

The sprout of a bud for birth
The songs of the birds for mirth

The spread of the petals for offerings
The morning sun for the kiss of love

The weeds and the plants
Growing side by side

The vices and the virtues
Growing within me
Recount my life's story

I plucked out a green
It resisted and I struggled
I knew it was the weed

I plucked out a green
It came off easy
I knew it was the plant.

Read more:  Garden Poems http://www.poetryinnature.com/nature/poetry.asp?poem=5512#ixzz1y8n5pAn4
from www.PoetryInNature.com

Interesting website containing short lectures on all subjects

Roger Doiron | Profile on TED.com
·    Roger Doiron wants everyone to plant a garden. He’s the founder of Kitchen Gardeners International, a network of home gardeners.