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There can be no other occupation like gardening in which, if you were to creep up behind someone at their work, you would find them smiling.

~Mirabel Osler

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Hot Weather Gardening Tips

Ready for the heat in Spain - Tips on how to cope in the garden


AGC Annual August Picnic

 Linda and Chris confirm they're holding the picnic party on 14th August.
Their home & garden make a perfect picnic venue and they're excellent hosts. 
The picnic-party will begin at 7pm
Geoff Murrell will be providing the music

 Everyone to bring along their own drinks and a plate of picnic food to share on the table.

Chris and Linda live in the campo, so an address is difficult.  
For those who don't already know where it is, take the road past Portichuello, pass "Park Lane" and continue uphill until the road branches.    
There will be garden club logos marking the way to Chris's and Linda's which is at the bottom of a 1 mile track.
ICarol will not be organising a convoy from VdP as Chris will be ferrying people from the top of his track - there is a convenient spot on which people can park their cars as well as ample parking at their house for those who want to drive down.

If you wish to  have accurate details of the address provided by Chris and Linda - please email janekirkspain@gmail.com
I am not putting those detailed direction on our website - for obvious reasons.

IVA rise for Club Members

Expect to pay 21% IVA on flowers, ornamental living plants, seeds, bulbs and cuttings.

Sale of plants at Viveros Florena

Would you please advise your club members that our sale starts 24 July until 28 July and then we are closed for the month of August.
50% off nearly all plants..

Lorraine Cavanagh, Viveros Florena, Competa, Malaga, Spain.
Horas de verano:    9 - 2. Summer hrs: 9 - 2.
Cerrado los domingos y los lunes. Closed Sundays and Mondays.
Tel:     00 34 689928201
Email:  florenaspain@hotmail.com 
Author of Mediterranean Garden Plants.
Facebook - Lorraine Cavanagh's Garden Centre.

Malaga Botanical Gardens grow a Whopper!

MALAGA’S Botanical Garden la Concepcion, has been the first European conservatory to grow giant lily pads outdoors. The native specie’s scientific name is "Euryale ferox" and is known to grow naturally in humid areas in Asia. 
 From the Euro Weekly Bulletin

Friday, 13 July 2012

Bonsai Lecture

Bonsai Lecture. Tuesday July 10th 2012

Guest speaker     Nacho
 nachosalarjurado@gmail.com            telephone;  639420522.

Nacho was born in Cómpeta and now lives, with his wife in Torrox, where they await the birth of their first child.
He made his first visit to Japan 6 years ago and returned 2 years later to study Bonsai with a Japanese Master.
His interest in all things to do with the Natural World began when he was a small boy and Jose Maria (The National Parks Ranger) took him on trips into the Parks and the mountains. 
That interest has never waned – on the contrary, it colours his entire life. Jose Maria joined us for part of the lecture and declared that the pupil had far exceeded the original Master. 
The respect and warmth these two men had for each other was patently obvious!

I think most AGC members expected a lecture on how to grow Bonsais. 
However, we were in for a wondrous surprise.
Nacho held us spellbound as he explained the philosophy and deep meaning on the Bonsai art.
His English was excellent, especially for such and arcane subject.
We learned that the technique of creating a Bonsai was unique as it entailed trimming the roots of the selected plant. This “pruning” does no actual harm to the tree – in fact it rejuvenates it, as does the trimming of the branches and even the  removal of the leaves.
Just as there is no Perfect Moment in Life, there is no Perfect Moment in the creation of a Bonsai – it is continual, living Art.
Nacho showed us several of his creations – 2 of which were English Elms. 
These he had laboriously crafted so that it appeared that strong winds had made the trees grow in a special direction and style. One could almost hear the wind howling through the branches. 
Each became a beautiful, natural sculpture.
In England, the elms grow tall and straight heading directly for the sunlight (what sunlight?)
In Spain they grow wide so that the canopy can shield the roots from the sun. 
The elm’s need for plentiful water means that they grow only along rivers & stream in this country.
Nacho kept his elms well watered and used moss and tiny ferns to cover the growing medium and so lock in the moisture.
The second elm we saw had been shaped by wiring the branches to control their growth. 
Nacho had also removed the leaves to create a dramatic Bonsai. 
The leaves reappear within a few weeks depending on the nutrients he adds to the special compost.  
Both these elms were 15 years old. A decade of dedicated attention.
A smaller Bonsai had been styled to represent a tree that had been damaged by a rock fall but recovered and produce a lovely plant. 
Many of us could discern the shape of a dragon breathing leaves in place of fire. We were getting into the spirit of the Bonsai Master !
The 4th  Bonsai was an evergreen – a Juniper. 
These trees found high in the mountains and can grow by  inserting its questing roots into the cracks and fissures of the rock that splits and crumbles due to the action of rain and ice. 
The roots suck up enough nutrients to make a beautiful green canopy.
Nacho planted his small Juniper beside a carefully chosen rock and the two have fused to make a beautiful artwork representing New Life springing from the destruction of rock – a metaphor for the Circle of Life.
Creating a lovely Bonsai requires meditation and an understanding of nature, spirits and harmony.
Club members are invited to visit Nacho’s home and see all his creations in their special setting.
Cindy suggests we may have the opportunity of an organised tour.

Speaking of tours – 
Nacho also leads Thematic tours into the Natural Park. www.malaga-aventura.es


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July Accounts

Brought Forward                                                 764.33
Raffle Ticket Sales July                    23.00
Lecture donation to Naco                 50.00
Plant purchase for garden 
club member                                     11.75
Balance carried forward                                      725.58

Rise in Community Gardens

The current economic crisis is fuelling a rise in the number of community gardens springing up across the country.
A need to share resources and an increased sense of community spirit as people struggle with the recession, are widely viewed as the reasons for the recent trend.
Among those making a successful go of it is El Caminito in Malaga, a 100-square-metre vegetable plot tended by 15 people.
The disused land has been worked since being loaned from the council last summer and is a focal point for the community, growing a variety of produce including tomatoes, maize and avocados.
“I think it is essential for people to have access to spaces for activities and for getting together, because the crisis is social as well as financial,” said Jorge, an El Caminito gardener.
“The crisis we are experiencing is leading to a paradigm shift. Urban vegetable gardens are related to the breakdown of the economic system and of traditional social movements.”
Urban gardens began to take root six years ago, but the movement has increased in popularity in the last couple of years with more than 260 associations in Madrid alone.
Jose Luis Fernandez from Madrid’s Regional Federation of Neighbourhood Associations, said: “Urban gardens not only recover unused spaces, but are also meeting places and open air social centres that promote values.”  From The Olive Press

Cup and Saucer Vines available

We now have the lovely cup and saucer vine in stock, cobaea scandens.
Lorraine Cavanagh, Viveros Florena, Competa, Malaga, Spain. 
Summer hrs: 9 - 2.
Closed Sundays and Mondays.
Tel:     00 34 689928201
Email:  florenaspain@hotmail.com 
Author of Mediterranean Garden Plants.
Facebook - Lorraine Cavanagh's Garden Centre.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

July Meeting

The July Garden Club meeting will be held at 11.00 am on Tuesday 10th at the Ocio in Competa.  The Ocio is next to the doctors' surgery in Competa.  
The subject of this month's meeting is Bonsai and we have invited a guest speaker, an English speaking Spaniard whose specialist subject is Bonsai.  
He will be discussing and demonstrating the techniques of growing and training these fascinating plants.  
I think it will be a very interesting talk and may even encourage some of us, who might previously have been a bit luke-warm about the subject, to take up the hobby.  
As always though, our meetings are enjoyable social events and, of course, there will be the usual plant sales and raffle.  
I hope that you'll all be able to come along You'll all be in the capable hands of Cindy.
Best wishes,

Editor offers some websites to whet your appetite!
This website seems to have been live during 2006/7 but the articles are still fascinating.


This is the English version of a website that also comes in Spanish