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~Mirabel Osler

Monday, 26 November 2012

Visit to Montes Negros Organic Farm

On Saturday 24th November some members of the Garden Club plus other friends visited Montes Negros Organic Farm near Canillas de Aceituno. 

We all met in the car park of Bar Cruce at El Trapiche prior to the 15 minute drive up the mountains to the 7 acre farm. 

On arrival we were greeted by a huge Scooby dog and several cats. 
The farmhouse was rather rundown but our host, Rachel, was very welcoming and friendly and soon took us down to see the well constructed chicken run and hen house made from recycled pallets. Only one, very healthy, chicken made an appearance; the two others had already put themselves to bed. 
Beyond the chicken coup was another small, furrowed, bed from which potatoes had been recently harvested. 
The land was very stony and unpromising for growing vegetables but hard work has gone into creating a small vegetable bed showing spinach and other produce.
From there we started the walk on steeply sloping ground passing a cement capped well and then on to part of the neighbour's land where there was an impressive primitive 1.5 m round well built entirely of mud and stones and standing some 3m from the ground. 

The braver of the group leaned over the parapet and peered down into the well which was probably dug by hand many years ago. 
From there we got down to the fast flowing river and, those who wore wellingtons, waded upstream. 
We were all delighted to see a wild turtle and, after picking it up to show to the snapping cameras, we then watched it swim and float downstream glad to be away from us.
The return to the farm passed slopes where olives were once planted but the previous owner had ripped them out and replaced them with grapes; none of which had survived leaving a rather barren landscape except for the masses of wild lavender. 

Our walk nearly at an end we passed what could have been taken for an alpine meadow full of almond trees, the ground beneath covered with green clover which is "mown" and fertilized by 4 horses owned by a neighbour.
Then we all enjoyed tea, coffee, and homemade cakes and bread as well as chutneys, jams and relishes on the terrace from where we had hoped to watch the sunset - sadly hidden by cloud that day.   (Carol S.)

A second account of the visit is reproduced after the following photos. Ed
Inge & the Turtle

Follow Me !!

River Walkers
Empty Bed !

Alternative Version received by the Editor.....


A Walk on the Wild Side.....
Well, it must be said that the description provided in the Advertisement for the Organic Farm Visit was an example of Aspirational rather than Factual....
Many AGC members were rather bemused at the entire thing. 

However, there's nothing like a little Adversity to bring out the best in people! 
The old Adage of Keep Calm and Carry On  was well and truly to the forefront as the group set off to stagger up the steep slope and then - (rather like King George's Men) stagger down another steep slope.

One member said he thought they should all have been roped together and he lamented that he had not thought to bring his spiked shoes and pitons.
The answer to the question "Was your Journey Really Necessary?" was a resounding "No!"
Most members had seen 2 or 3 olive trees and a lemon tree before. 

A few had seen locations that had previously been home to vines etc. that had subsequently be grubbed out......
Several had also, in the past,  paused to regard an empty vegetable patch.....
A slight frizzon of excitement was engendered by the appearance of the Single Chicken.

The unexpected appearance of the little wild turtle proved the hit of the afternoon!
Some members returned to their long ago childhoods with a satisfying (if ankle-turning) trip along the river itself....complete with squeals.....
Returning to the Homestead ( that so much Potential.......) we did enjoy a jolly repast.

Driving homewards, we reflected that we had thoroughly enjoyed the company of fellow members (as always) and that, at least we would be in time for Strictly Come Dancing...........

Ready! Steady! GO!

Such Potential

Restorative Victuals

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