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Friday, 4 January 2013

News from Viveros Florena

We now have these important organic products available in smaller packaging designed for gardeners.

Water Retentive Products – 50% Reduction on Irrigation and Organic Too!

Bio Humus: A substrate composed of 90% organic material and 10% natural silicates with a very high natural mineral content. It enhances the long-term growth of the roots and allows the plant to absorb 90% of the water given by irrigation/rain, reducing losses by evaporation and rapid absorption into hot, dry ground. At the same time it channels better absorption of nutrients. It is extremely beneficial in dry soils, nutrient poor soils, and in desert-like climates. It even enables growth in saline conditions.
Bio Humus is applied once only for new plantings. Dry it resembles dark compost and becomes gel-like when wet. It is sediment extracted from glacial lakes, formed over thousands of years by the decomposition of algae, plankton and reeds and has extraordinary water retentive properties. These same lakes are silting up because of an abundance of the material, so removing it is, in fact, beneficial to the environment and gives us gardeners a remarkable material too. Where dredging has taken place, native fish are returned to the new increased depth of water to restore the natural balance.
Available in 25 litre sacks retailing at €25, sufficient for planting 12 trees; thus approx. €2 a tree.  A one-off application that will carry on functioning in the soil for up to 10 years. The saving in irrigation is generally 50%. Work it out!
This important product is currently in use on mango trees in the south of Spain.

Humate Extract: a 100% organic liquid concentrate derived from Bio Humus. It stimulates the development of beneficial fungi and root growth so that plants become much more self-sufficient. It can be applied to new/existing plantings either by foliar spray or through radicular irrigation. It complements Bio-Humus and acts as a fertiliser by making the plant more able to look after itself.
Available in 2 litre pots, priced at €70 but – wait for this – the dilution rate is 1:1000 applied by foliar spray or 1:10,000 in the irrigation system.
Now available in 250ml. bottles retailing at €12  Apply once a month.
It will achieve results at least as good as those of chemical fertilisers but at much less cost and with no contamination of crops or soil.

Mycor Glomus: 100% organic material based on six strains of fungi. These fungi live on the roots of plants forming a symbiotic relationship, one that is mutually beneficial; if the plant thrives, the fungi thrive so they look after each other. They have been shown to increase root growth up to seven times, thus reducing the watering and feeding requirements significantly. The huge increase in root growth makes this product eminently suitable for anti-erosion plantings and ground stabilising.
It comes in a powder form to be sprinkled onto the roots before planting or it can be injected, in paste form, into the roots of existing plantings.
Available in 2 litre pots, priced at €70; apply 40 ml. per tree.
Now available in pots of 200ml - sufficient for 5 trees - retailing at €10  A one-off application.

These products are ideal used in conjunction with our bare-rooted fruit trees and bare-rooted roses. Make your plants stronger and more self-sufficient and make massive savings on water bills.
We are the only garden centre stocking these important ecological products.
Call and have a chat with us if you’d like more details.

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