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~Mirabel Osler

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

June Visit by Dick Handscombe is cancelled

Carol received some very sad news earlier this week -

"Dear Carol, 
I had a  very lucky to escape from my totally wrecked car the other day...amazingly just a few scratches and shock. Still don't know what insurance company will give me money wise or what I will do about a car. But I will not be driving down to Andalucia. 
Checked out thge coaches to Malaga and then local bus but 14 hours each way is a lot for a talk. 
Was really looking forward to meeting and sharing ideas with your group. 
Will do an article in EWN on the planned topic.
Best wishes,
Dick Handscombe
So - very best wishes to Dick for a full recovery! We hope he is soon back "in the saddle" and galloping over to the Cómpeta area.

An alternative June Meeting will be revealed (as soon as we have thought of one....)

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