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~Mirabel Osler

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

S.O.S. Save our Seeds! Petition to Sign

Do you know that the EU is preparing legislation that will make it illegal to grow crops that are not on a list of approved seeds?
That list is currently 60% dominated by big corporations like Monsanto, AstraZeneca and Bayer. 

Anyone wanting to register a seed will have to pay and guess who will be squeezed out. 

Currently we have three lists; 
one for professional growers, 
one to protect endangered species and
one for amateur gardeners/growers. 
Under these proposals, the latter two groups would be removed.

The professional growers list is basically only for hybrid seeds - which means that any seed from that crop will likely be sterile. 

Thus you become obliged to buy new seeds each year -  and guess who sells the seeds? Monsanto, Bayer etc.

Furthermore, it will not only be forbidden to sell other seeds than those already mentioned, but also to grow them. This means that these giant Companies will influence what we eat. Historically important varieties, those specific to a range of climates, heirloom seed companies and our immense spectrum of seeds will be whittled down to just a few, controlled by ....

Huge monocultures will develop, a monopoly on varieties and prices - all controlled by them.

The Avaaz community are organising a petition to present to the European Parliament. 

Let's create a storm to save our seeds.


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