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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

June Meeting of the AGC

 Hopefully, all our members will have heard about the unfortunate car accident in which the speaker for our June Meeting was involved 
(He's OK, but the car is terminal!)
Carol has brilliantly made alternative arrangements.
See below:-

I think everyone knows now that, unfortunately, Dick Handscombe cannot come and give us a talk at our meeting next Tuesday.  
I'm sure everyone is as disappointed as I am.  
Nevertheless, at the 11th hour, Maggie Woodward, one of our members, has stepped in and kindly agreed to give us a talk on her recently completed Santiago to Compostelo Walk
If any of you have been following her excellent blog about the walk you will already know that what she has to say and to show us will be very interesting.
 The meeting will be held in the Centro de Juventud - next door to the Correas (post office)) in Competa at 11.00 am on Tuesday 11th June.  

We look forward to meeting everyone again. 
There will be the usual library and raffle prizes.  
Again, if any of your friends wish to attend they are more than welcome.
 Very best wishes,

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