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There can be no other occupation like gardening in which, if you were to creep up behind someone at their work, you would find them smiling.

~Mirabel Osler

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Gardening Out-takes from Digame!

Wearing a different hat - I also edit the very popular Blog called Digame  - I am receiving more and more requests for advice & information on garden-related matters - such as those reproduced below. 
If you can offer some wisdom - please do  AND visit the Digame website and Subscribe to the daily newsletter.

Container/Pot Plants - Grubs

Can your subscribers help me to identify grubs that I have found in my Containers and Pot plants. 
They are larva similar to grubs. 
They are different sizes black. grey and cream in colour with orangey brown heads.
 They are similar to Vine Weevils in that they feed on the roots. 
Vine Weevils, I believe, however are white in colour. 
Also I would like to treat the containers to destroy the grubs. 
Any suggestions on treatment please.
E Mail kevin.greensmith @ gmail.com

digametorrox @ hotmail.co.uk

 Gardening Advice Needed Please

Bignonia Ricosoleana
Help! I have a couple of these plants, one in a large pot climbing up a brick pergola column and the other rampaging down a bank with no restrictions whatsoever.
The one in the pot is wilting, and looking very sad. Should I cut it right back and let it start again?
The other one is wilting in parts. I have been spraying them with water when I am watering the garden, just to cool them down at the end of the day. The oleander seems to thrive on this treatment as it washes off the dust, but perhaps this random act of kindness is murdering them?
digametorrox @ hotmail.co.uk

Review of a new book on Succulents

This review comes from  Andrew Sloane, who visited us November last year & told us how he had designed and created his fabulous new gardens - with cacti etc.

This book on succulents is very good, especially for succulent novices. I have read it from cover to cover and have penned the attached review for the MGS magazine in January.

Timber Press...$24.95 RRP

Debra Lee Baldwin is one of California's leading lights in writing about and giving talks on succulents and this is her third book following the success of “Designing with Succulents” and “Succulent Container Gardens”.
This book has three different sections. Part 1 deals with basic growing and design techniques such as watering needs, fertilising and how to propagate through cuttings. Part 2 goes into more sophisticated design ideas for the garden, pots and also how to make succulent bouquets with practical advice about how to combine or contrast different colours, textures and varieties. Part 3 lists her 100 favourite succulent plants which she has successfully cultivated in California including a half-page description, photo, botanical and common name and practical tips about growing them as well as providing details on mature size and hardiness of each plant.
It is a very well presented book in large paper-back form with excellent photos. As I am enjoying cultivating aloes, Part 3's listing of 16 different aloe varieties was of particular interest for me, although I felt she could have explained how to grow these from seed. This defect is probably due to the tremendous amount of succulent nursery gardens that abound in California so that cultivators can buy a small plant rather than start from seed, which is not so much the case in Europe.
This is a perfect book for a novice succulent collector but also will provide design ideas and lots of enjoyment for more sophisticated succulent gardeners. I have thoroughly enjoyed it and would highly recommend it to anybody interested in learning more about succulent plants.

Sunday, 18 August 2013

AGC Picnic 2013

Over 30 members and friends attended this year's annual AGC Summer Picnic. 

This time it was warmly and ably hosted by Astrid and Peter Slater at their lovely house between Archez and Corumbela.

The guests were delighted and privileged to hear Tom Robinson play a 40 minute selection of music of different styles both on the saxophone and clarinet. 

A rare and well appreciated performance. 

We are grateful too to Geoff Murrell who provided the remainder of the live entertainment singing a repertoire of music which got us all on our feet dancing into the night. 

Each party brought picnic food which was shared providing a positive banquet - all washed down with wine provided by the Club. 

All in all another successful evening and one to be remembered.  

Especial thanks to Astrid and Peter who worked tirelessly to make the event so successful."

Murderous Mushrooms ?

 Linda Found these :-

They are tropical, deadly and spreading globally, they think through compost?

As you see it is all yellow, with strange gills and a long yellow stem.

Any information about them would be interesting

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Queen of the Night

These pics were taken over the course of two evenings
The bud starts to turn upwards then swells
The next night it will slowly open.  
They were completely open by about 11pm
Each bloom is at least 6" deep and 6" across, and smell wonderful.  
Sadly they only last for one night, but boy are they worth it !!!!
From AGC Member