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Friday, 7 February 2014

Directions - Corrections

Thanks to several AGC Members and to Elsebeth - here are the revised routes.
There will be a special prize for everyone who gets there (see blow)
Directions: for those coming from Archez
follow road to Archez Cruz and take the turning to Sayalonga.   
The road has 2 sharp, right hand bends followed by a Z bend.   
Follow on to the next left hand bend and road becomes almost straight.  
About 200m from this last bend you will see a concrete driveway to the left.  Go up this drive to be shown where to park. 

Those coming from Competa
take the Sayalonga road and follow to Archez Cruz  - 
see directions above.   

For those coming from Sayalonga - 
go past the track on the right to Bodega Bentomiz and the road straightens to a bend to the left.  
Follow on to the next right hand bend where the road straightens.  
About 300m from this right hand bend you will see a concrete drive on the right.  
Go up this drive to be shown where to park.

Looking forward to seeing you all again,

(Special Prize ? - Seeing all your other AGC friends! What more could you want!)

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