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~Mirabel Osler

Monday, 31 March 2014

April 8th Visit & Mature People's Perks.......

 La Concepcion Visit
 - For our next meeting on Tuesday 8th April, a small group of us are scheduled to visit La Concepcion Gardens, Malaga.  Quite a few members indicated to me, that they weren't able to attend but if you now discover you can join us, you are very welcome.
I have space for the first two people to share a car, (we were not enough to hire a bus) or otherwise you need to make your own way there for 12 noon, see website  www.laconcepcion.malaga.es

 for map.   The club is paying for a guided English speaking tour and your entrance fee;   Please advise me cindyjones19@hotmail.comthanks

And - Reminder!!!
Pensionistas need to bring IDs on Tuesday 8th

Just in case their Wisteria doesn't meet expectations.....

Brian and I share ours with you

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