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Sunday, 16 March 2014

Report on Visit to Lyndsay Blyth's garden, Alhaurin de la Grande

Some 7 members made a visit to a well established garden at Alhaurin de la Grande, owned by Lyndsay Blyth.

Tuesday 11 March

Visit to Lyndsay Blyth's garden, Alhaurin de la Grande

The second group comprising 7 Garden Club members visited Lyndsay Blyth's garden.  Some of us had visited before in the summer and were interested to see the garden in a different season. 

We were warmly greeted by our hostess and began with coffee and biscuits on the pool terrace which is themed blue to echo the blue of pool.  There were large blue glazed pots containing flowers,  and tables, chairs and a metal arbor all painted to match.   The colour theme of the planting was predominantly blue intermingled with grey-leaved flowering shrubs.  We were impressed by the beautiful, architectural form of a weeping mulbery, as yet its branches still bare.  Among others bright Osteospermums and a magnificent Melianthus major also adorned this area.   Every space in the garden is either covered with hardlandscaping or plants – no bare soil visible.

Lyndsay's is a mature garden housing many unusual and hard-to-obtain plants.   We passed by a hammock slung between two trees down a path lined with spring flowering plants and down wide shallow steps to the lower part of the garden containing various Euphorbia species in full glory among the different varieties of flowering Hellebores.  These spring flowers were backed up by Anemone blanda and A.de Caen as well as rich clumps of varieties of narcissi.

Growing up into one of the trees was a magnificent Clematis armandii in full flower.   Different varieties of buddlia were flowering and Coronilla glauca scented one of the paths.  Erigeron karvinskianus flowered profusely everywhere.

We were impressed too by the quantities of very pretty white flowered self-seeded wild garlic.  Lyndsay is always generous with her plants allowing us to take cuttings and dig up plants we liked as we went along.  She took us through a sunlit glade carpeted by a limegreen variegated ivy.  In here grow large Monstera and other, usually, houseplants. Varieties of lilies – one complete with lily beetle which Lyndsay promptly squashed. 

We saw a red flowering Erythrina and a pink flowering Lauropetalum (a member of the witch hazel family).  Lindsay's garden is full of roses, as yet, not in bloom.

The overall impression of Lindsay's garden is one of controlled exuberance.  This is not a manicured garden but one where the natural habits of the plants are allowed full reign.

Report written by Carol Starr

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