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~Mirabel Osler

Monday, 14 April 2014

AGC Visit to La Concepción, Málaga

Thirteen members made their way independently to  the Club’s second visit to the Malaga botanic garden, La Concepcion
They met at 12.00 for a guided tour by our delightful Spanish guide, Jessica. 
The day was very warm and still and we appreciated the cool shade provided by the 100+ year old trees under-planted with many luscious plants normally grown as indoor plants such as Monstera deliciosa (Mexican bread fruit or Swiss cheese plant) and ferns.   
Generous clumps of orange Clivia enjoyed the shady canopy. 
Pools, streams and waterfalls furnished our way up through the trees which included Jacaranda, Chorisia, and giant ficus rubber trees, with their impressive roots creeping like giants claws over the ground.
 Of particular interest was the Draceana draco popularly called the “dragon plant” whose bark, when rubbed, exudes red sap. 
This tree was particularly interesting as it’s trunk has leaned to the horizontal to catch the available light and produced stalactite-like roots towards the ground in order to support itself, however, the gardeners “helped” it by placing props underneath the trunk and, since then, the plant has become “lazy” and these stalactite roots have stopped growing. 
We arrived at what was the focus of our trip which was the Wisteria Arbour  - this time in full flower.  
Planted 150 years’ ago it has reached mammoth proportions and in places has crumpled its impressive Victorian-style wrought iron framework. 

The members also enjoyed seeing the mansion house which was built in 1855 by the Marquis of Casa Loring and his wife who first created the garden. 
The house formerly contained 50 rooms (needed for their 9 offspring - none of whom provided an heir to the property). 
We all enjoyed the calm, cool of the quadrangular atrium containing the wrought iron balconied upper storey from which all the bedrooms led.  
The estate is now owned and maintained by Málaga City Council.

The end of our tour concluded with a group photo on the “Secrets Seat” designed so that 19th century couples could sit with a chaperone between them and communicate privately.  
We tried it and it works!
We all then enjoyed a very pleasant lunch at the garden’s cafe

Written by Carol & Greg.
Members' photos

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