Quote of the Month

There can be no other occupation like gardening in which, if you were to creep up behind someone at their work, you would find them smiling.

~Mirabel Osler

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

A Gentle Reminder for the AGC Membership - Unmissable

A reminder to all our lovely Garden Club members,  
Sunday 01 June is
 "Day for Life" 
in aid of 
Cudeca Cancer Care 
The Alberdini Hotel, Competa 
from 12 noon onwards.  
 We have a "Surplus Produce Stall" so if you have any spare produce you'd like to donate to Cudeca, 
please contact Jo Robinson on 
Thank you

Photographic Record of our AGC May Visit

Without commentary - I  offer these photographs (from Gill) of the wonderful gardens & courtyards .....

Vacancy for a Blog Editor

Hi Folks
Hope you loved the photos from Gill from our May visit.
Wasn't it Wonderful!?
Apologies for the delays in publishing them.
This leads me to my Plea !

Do we have another AGC Member who would consider taking over the Very Important Task of Editor of the AGC Blog ?
It is not an onerous task - indeed,  it is a Delight.
I need to curtail some of my activities and - as I am conscious of not giving my all to our Newsletter - this one of the ways I can do this "curtailing" business.

If anyone is interested in finding out more (Trust me - it isn't complex or highly technical! ) drop me an email or call me for a chat.
janekirkspain AT gmail.com
616 5300 71

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Missing Photos

Hi Everyone,
I may have dreamed that I received  many, many photos of the May Visit to put on this Blog.
I fear I DID receive them.... and immediately deleted all of them.
If you have any pics of those delightful, delicious gardens - please share-
Thank you
janekirkspain AT gmail.com

Friday, 16 May 2014

Report from the May Visit

On Tuesday 13th over 30 members enjoyed a tour of Mitch¡s and Chris France’s garden in Canillas de Albaida campo. 
This spacious garden was full of colour and interest not least from terraces built into an almost vertical slope by Mitch using wooden shuttering. 
These terraces were planted to stunning effect by Chris - including orange lantana, lotus berlottii (parrots beak), bright and differently coloured pelargoniums, aptenia (belly button) among others. 
Red Valerian and other self-seeding annuals and biennials decorated beds at the back of the house and palms and other climbing plants clambered up the rocky banks behind.  
Around the house were spacious shaded and cushioned seating areas decorated in the Moroccan style; the most shady of which sported a very inviting hammock surrounded by the most shade loving plants.  
A spectacular backdrop to the large pool area was a magnificent approx 8m tall Phoenix canariensis whose feathery, tiered branches had been allowed to spread across the ground to around 4m. 
Under-planted with prostrate rosemary this healthy specimen, un-pruned, had remained unscathed by palm beetle.

We welcomed two new members, Lindsay and Gerard, and welcomed back Annette after a long absence in the UK.
Thanks to all those who contributed their surplus plants.
The raffle prize this month was won by Chris Payne

Editor requests...nay - Begs -  for your photos taken during this visit. The gardens were so stunning that we really need to share the images.
janekirkspain at gmail.com

Club Finances as at 13th May 2014

Brought Forward                                                                                            746.59
Subscriptions                                              30.00
Raffle                                                          37.00
Plant Sales                                                  29.72
Balance Carried Forward                                                                               843.31
Welcome to New Members;    MARCH  ;  Bernard en Ines Pels  
                                                 APRIL     ;  Maggie & Bill Gardner   ;  Gillian  Wood 
                                                 MAY       ;  Lindsay Hancock  &  Gerard  d'Amato
                               and welcome back ;   Annette  Lee
Thank you

Friday, 9 May 2014

Next Meeting ! Tuesday 13th at 11am

 Next meeting at Mitch and Chris France’s garden at 11.00 am on Tuesday 13th May.   
Hope to see you all at this interesting garden.  
  • from Canillas take the road to Archez, 
  •  DON’T TURN LEFT to Archez but 
  • turn right at the fork in the road and continue down to the Roman bridge and 
  • go up towards Hotel Cerrillo.
  • Just after the sharp right-hand bend on the road you will see a concrete track to the left (before reaching Hotel Cerrillo).
  • Follow this track down until it curves to the right and park there. 
  • There will be signs.  
  • Parking is fairly limited so if you can share a lift please do so.   or
  •  contact Greg on 676 536 604