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There can be no other occupation like gardening in which, if you were to creep up behind someone at their work, you would find them smiling.

~Mirabel Osler

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Thank you

A very big thank you to the Garden Club for this magnificent present, to aid my recovery from my recent knee replacement.  It will be a while before I do any actual gardening so the book serves as my 'virtual' .... 

Right royal recuperation reading, as Chester might have said!

What a wonderful get well present, I will spend many happy hours browsing with Roy Strong -- did you know that Chris knew his brother very well?  …. he played a lot of cricket with him, another MCC member.

I might even bring it to a meeting some time to show it off, I just love it.

Linda Payne

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Bulk Ordering arrangements for Peter Nyssen Bulbs

Now is the time that club members can place an Autumn bulb order.   

Please search the Peter Nyssen website (click this link to visit the website) to select your bulbs and send Carol Starr your choices by email at caroljstar@hotmail.com she will place a bulk order. 

We can all then share the cost of transport etc.   

Delivery of the bulbs would be from November-January.  

Members can then collect their deliveries at the next AGC meeting following delivery.

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Peter Nyssen flower bulbs and plants - Special Offer

The Garden Club has received a Peter Nyssen flower bulbs and plants Email newsletter
with some special offers for the bank holiday. 

These Special-offers  don’t feature in their catalogue and are limited in stock.

There are three types of tulip bulbs offered @ £2.50 for 10 and £7.50 for 50, which will be at these low prices until September 12th.

And there is an indoor Flowering Narcissus Paperwhite Ziva bulbs @ £2.70 for 5 and £13.20 for 30 which are purported to be an absolute winner for potting inside with its tall stems of multiple white, fragrant flowers. Keep these bulbs in the fridge until you're ready to plant them and try planting them in batches for weeks of continuous flowers. Once potted and brought indoors, they will bloom within 2 to 3 weeks. They're a great asset for the Christmas table if you get your timing right!

For more information please follow the link to the Special tulip offers

Peter Nyssen
Peter Nyssen Ltd
124 Flixton Road,Urmston
Manchester, M41 5BG
+44 (0)161 747 4000

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Last call for Garden Club visit on 9 September - Cactus Gardens at Casarabonela

Last chance to sign up for our forthcoming visit to The Cactus Gardens at Casarabonela on Tuesday 09 September.  

We will leave Competa by coach at 09.00am from outside the Tourist Office and then make a stop at Archez corner on the Sayalonga road.  Journey time to Casarabonela is approximately one and half hour.

Following a tour of the cacti gardens, we will enjoy a private buffet lunch with a choice of six tapas together with a choice of either soft drink, small beer or wine or coffee for 8 euros.

After lunch there will be time to visit the gift shop and library and then we have a brief guided tour of a village private garden where we will see some of the cactus on display. 

The club will pay for the coach transportation and entrance fees to the two gardens, members are responsible for paying on the day for the buffet lunch, 8 euros.

Please let me know by Tuesday 26th August if you are able to join us by email to cindyjones19@hotmail.com and also advise if:
  • you are a pensioner
  • your mobile phone number
  • joining point of either Competa or Archez.
Many thanks and I look forward to seeing you on 9th September.

Cindy Jones

Monday, 18 August 2014

More garden club picnic photos ....

Here are some lovely photos taken by Lisa showing the good time had by all members at the Garden Club annual picnic.

The buffet table groans under the weight of the delicious food... 

 Members gather around the pool to chat and sample the food and drink...

This photo is just waiting for a caption .... anyone? 


 The pool beckons ...

Geoff Murrell was a fantastic entertainer...

Carol "just wants to be loved by you"

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Can you believe these beans?

Here are just a couple of photos of my favorite veggie to grow here.  

Asian long beans - fast growing - no problems - and huge producers.  
They are great for stir fries.

Have a great weekend

Thanks for these photos Anna. 
Anna truly has green fingers, as you can see her garden is bursting with plants and is a riot of colour all year round.)

Garden Club Picnic - pictures

Here are some pictures sent by Maggie of our picnic on Tuesday evening.
Very evocative of a lovely evening.
Thanks Maggie...


Any more pictures?
Please send to sunley.judith@btinternet.com

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Garden Club Picnic - thanks to all ...

I attended the garden club picnic at Steen and Lisa's house on Tuesday 12 August with my husband Tom and grand daughter Courtney. Wow!

What a lovely house and garden and fantastic hospitality from our hosts!

It was our first garden club picnic and it was a pleasure to meet up with club members in this delightful setting and sample the many different savoury and sweet items on the buffet table contributed by the members attending.

We had a lovely evening. Thank you to garden club members for your company and your buffet food, to the garden club for the liquid refreshments, to Geoff Murrell for the entertainment, and last but not least, to Steen and Lisa for hosting the evening in their lovely home.

Oops I nearly forgot to thank Greg for being such a charming car park supervisor!

Chester took the opportunity to thank the club for the beautiful gardening book sent to him when he was recuperating from illness, and club members took the opportunity to sign it during the evening.

Geoff Murrell provided the live music with occasional support by "Big Bad John" (Steen) and his backing singers. And Carol gave us a lively solo of "I just want to make love to you" to the delight of the audience.

We left quite early after "twisting by the pool", but I am sure the party continued in equal high spirits. 

If you missed the evening, it was a shame, as a good night was had by all....

I wondered if any of the other members had taken any pictures of the evening to share? If so please forward them to me by email at sunley.judith@btinternet.com and I will post them on the ACG blog.

Judith Sunley

Garden Club visit to The Cactus Gardens at Casarabonela 9 September

By popular demand, our September visit will be to The Cactus Gardens at Casarabonela on Tuesday 9 September

The club last visited these gardens over two years ago. Since then the gardens have been taken over by Mariano Carrasco and Tania Munoz Doblas and now have the second largest collection of cacti in Europe.

We will leave Competa by coach at 09.00am from outside the Tourist Office and make one stop at Archez corner on the Sayalonga road.  Journey time to Casarabonela is approximately one and half hour.  

Following a tour of the cacti gardens, we will enjoy a private buffet lunch with a choice of six tapas together with a choice of either soft drink, small beer or wine or coffee for 8 euros.

After lunch there will be time to visit the gift shop and library and then we will have a brief guided tour of a village private garden where we will see some of the cactus on display.

The club will pay for the coach transportation and entrance fees to the two gardens, members are responsible for paying on the day for the buffet lunch, 8 euros.

Please let me know as soon as possible if you are able to join us by email at cindyjones19@hotmail.com  
  • if you are a pensioner 
  • your mobile phone number 
  • joining point of either Competa or Archez corner.
Many thanks and I look forward to seeing you on 9th September.

Cindy Jones 

Here is a link to a blog by Andrew Forbes which describes the gardens http://www.andaluciadiary.com/cactus-botanical-garden-sierra-de-las-nieves-jardin-botanico-de-cactus-y-otras-suculentas-mora-i-bra/ )

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

My favourite plant - Peregrina ...

This is my favourite plant in the garden. 
It was given to me by a friend who returned to the UK and no-one could tell me what it was for ages.

It is a Peregrina.  
I have tried growing them from the seeds but no luck so far. 
It flowers all summer and well into the winter, such a pretty plant. 
Mave Moore

Mediterranean Plants and Gardens - UPDATE...

The Mediterranean Plants and Gardens trip to Lucca, Italy, previously published in the Axarquia Garden Club blog has filled up very quickly and all places are taken on the second one arranged immediately after this trip, and so the listing on the ACG blog has now been removed.

Growing Roses in the Mediterranean

If any club members are in the UK for Christmas and New Year they might come along to a forthcoming Mediterranean Plants and Gardens meeting – not combined with the Mediterranean Garden Society this time.

The horticultural writer Charles Quest-Ritson is giving an illustrated lecture at the Chelsea Physic Garden in London on Saturday 17 January. He is editor of the RHS Encyclopedia of Roses and has also written books about olive oil and the history of gardening in Europe, particularly the Mediterranean. 

More information will be available on the website www.medpag.org  as we will put more information there as the time gets closer.  The basic information of time and place is already mentioned and the full programme will be added in due course. 

Best wishes

How to get to "Villa Verde" in Las Colmenillas

Dear Garden Club members

We look forward to seeing as many members as possible next Tuesday 12th. August at 19.00 o´clock.

Many of you have been here before, and maybe even more of you already know where Las Colmenillas is situated, because of the terrible fire we have had. You will all see the damage approaching our area and around our property, but life goes on, and we are fine, as is the cultivated garden you are going to visit.

The best direction I can give is as follows:

When at "Venta Palma" take the Carretera de Circumvalación direction  Distrito Las Colmenillas for 1600 metres. You will pass Plaza Carmen below on your left hand side, please continue passing a narrow street by a row of terraced houses. Further on  there is a sign  "Las Colmenillas" to your right embedded in a flowerbed with a palm tree. Continue op the hill and after 300 metres you will arrive at Villa Verde. There is amble parking surrounding our house, and the neighbors have been  warned

We look forward to welcoming you next Tuesday.

Kind regards

Steen and LISA

Monday, 4 August 2014

Vetiver grass system : Update for information

Here is an example of how fast this Vetiver Grass grows to show the ability of the grass to stop erosion fast.
Newly planted grass plugs on April 5, 2014

Photo shot of the same plants on July 27, 2014
www.vetiverspain.com for more information.

Dave Olson
We were pleased with most of the grass plugs we planted, although a few seem to be a bit sluggish in growing. We think they might catch up with the ones that have done really well, given a little more time, Judith)

Mediterranean Gardening Association Portugal - NEWS!!!

Hello everyone,

Usually the summer is a quiet time for us gardeners in the dry, hot Mediterranean zones of the world but it seems that we have some keen folk willing to organise events and I have been asked to circulate information and send you all a warm invitation to participate in anything that takes your fancy mentioned below.  

Also, the holding page for our new web site is now online -http://mediterraneangardeningportugal.org  so  you can get a feel for our first ideas. All comments and contributions welcome.

 Olá a todos,

Normalmente, o verão é uma pausa tranquila para nós jardineiros nas zonas mediterrânicas secos e quentes do mundo, mas parece que temos algumas pessoas interessados e ​​dispostos a organizar eventos e me pediram para fazer circular a informação e enviar a todos um caloroso convite para participar em qualquer coisa abaixo mencionados. 

Além disso, a página de retenção para o nosso novo website já está online - http://mediterraneangardeningportugal.org  para que você possa ter uma idéia de nossos primeiros esforços. Todos os comentários e contribuições bem-vindos.

Rosie Peddle – Secretary/ Secretário

1.    Organised by the Associação dos Amigos do Jardim Botânico da Ajuda (AAJBA)  a holiday with guided visits to The Gardens of Malta, an Open Air Museum in the centre of the Mediterranean JARDINS DE MALTA: MUSEU AO AR LIVRE NO CENTRO DO MEDITERRÂNEO 01 A 05 DE OUTUBRO 2014  Web site http://www.aajba.com

2.    Sintra Trip with Algarve Gardening Clubs, 21st to 23rd October 2014.Historic palaces and gardens of this special place, details above and more info from Tony Rosson  Emailtony@casabranca.net
3.    Mediterranean Plants & Gardens (MGS)  group in the UK is organising a visit to the Gardens of Lucca in Italy from Friday 8 May to Wednesday 13 May 2015. See full details on attached document or contact Heather Martin Email   hma@clara.net
4.    Bienal de Turismo de Natureza will take place in Aljezur 26, 27 & 28 September for the first time and aims to raise awareness of the full tourist potential of the natural and authentic Algarve, putting this aspect firmly to the front as a European tourist destination that has unique experiences to offer the visitor. 
Web site http://www.btn.pt  
We will have a stand so please consider offering to help at this special event. 
Teremos um estande por isso, considerar oferecendo para nos ajudar neste evento especial.
5.    FESTIVAL DE OBSERVAÇÃO DE AVES EM SAGRES, 2nd to 5th October is the major event dedicated to birdwatching in Portugal, and has become a firm favourite for many dedicated bird watchers. Sagres is the base location and more information available http://birdwatchingsagres.com/en
6.    Almargem has regular bulletins available with varied events including walks looking at the natural history of the Algarve and workshops through the summer months. 
You can sign up via  Tel.: 289412959 Fax: 289414104   Email  almargem@mail.telepac.pt   Web site  www.almargem.org
7.    The September Edition of Jardins magazine has been edited by Jean-Paul Brigand and Ann Kenny on the subject of The Portuguese Garden. Many of you will have visited their own spectacular garden in the Alentejo. There will be an introductory article on our new Asssociation.
8.    2.ª Feira da dieta Mediterrânica in Tavira 5 to 7 September 2014. The Mediterranean Diet Fair in September is part of a week which will promote contemporary Mediterranean lifestyle. In addition to the presence of institutional entities, there will be market producers, tasting and cooking workshops, conferences and seminars, exhibitions, outdoor activities, cultural events and more. 
9.    Feira da Jardinagem Mediterânica/Mediterranean Gardening Fair – our major annual fund raising event. Saturday November 1st 11.00-16.00 at Estoi Palace Pousada Historic gardens. Helpers and plants wanted, bigger and better in 2014 and a great way to start the gardening year.

Miniature Bougainvillea??

Here's  another favourite photo from  a  club  member.


You just have to love a great oxymoron.  
Miniature Bougainvilleas?  Yeah right. 

Dave Olson

Favourite photos - Umbrella Thorn Tree Acacia

I am sure that everyone has seen an Umbrella Acacia 
either on TV or in magazines. 
Anna has three of these and this one is about 2 years old 
and it is just starting to build a canopy.  

Below this is a photo of one from Africa.

African Thorn Tree Acacia
Vachellia tortellis

Dave Olson

Sunday, 3 August 2014

RSVP for the Pot Luck Picnic please ...

I hope you are eagerly looking forward to the annual ACG picnic on
Tuesday 12 August at 7 pm 
being held  at Lisa and Steen's house 
Casa Verde, Las Colmenillas, Competa 

Geoff Murrell will be providing the live music

Please bring a dish to add to the picnic and picnic tables and chairs if you have them.
The club will be providing wine, water, napkins and plates.  
There is some parking but if people can share cars that will be useful.  

Carol and Greg have offered to be at Competa main car park at 6.30 
on Tuesday 12th August to show people the way by car.


So that we can cater for members attending the annual picnic can you please confirm to Carol at caroljstarr@hotmail.com by Friday 8th August :

  • if you are attending the picnic on Tuesday 12 August and how many are in your group 
  • whether you are bringing your own tables and chairs
  • whether you will be meeting up in the car park at 6.30 pm in Competa to follow Carol and Greg by car to Lisa and Steen's house

I will be posting directions to Lisa and Steen's house in due course if anyone is looking to make their own way to the picnic.