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~Mirabel Osler

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

How to get to "Villa Verde" in Las Colmenillas

Dear Garden Club members

We look forward to seeing as many members as possible next Tuesday 12th. August at 19.00 o´clock.

Many of you have been here before, and maybe even more of you already know where Las Colmenillas is situated, because of the terrible fire we have had. You will all see the damage approaching our area and around our property, but life goes on, and we are fine, as is the cultivated garden you are going to visit.

The best direction I can give is as follows:

When at "Venta Palma" take the Carretera de Circumvalación direction  Distrito Las Colmenillas for 1600 metres. You will pass Plaza Carmen below on your left hand side, please continue passing a narrow street by a row of terraced houses. Further on  there is a sign  "Las Colmenillas" to your right embedded in a flowerbed with a palm tree. Continue op the hill and after 300 metres you will arrive at Villa Verde. There is amble parking surrounding our house, and the neighbors have been  warned

We look forward to welcoming you next Tuesday.

Kind regards

Steen and LISA

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