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Friday, 21 November 2014

Tough plants at Viveros Florena

For those of you who love those Mediterranean style,sun-loving and drought resistant plantings we´ve got some great new stock.

Cistus verguinii - rounded shape, 0.5m x 0.5m with white flowers blotched with magenta. €5

Cistus x aguilarii - upright and vigorous to 2.5m x 1m, with white flowers. €6

Cistus x argenteus Blushing Peggy Sammons - upright and vigorous, size variable, with magenta flowers. €5

Salvia leucantha - Mexican bush sage. To around 1m x 1m. Sage green leaves and lovely furry flower spikes in silver and purple. (Try mixing this one with some of our spring flowering bulbs - mini daffs, tulips, alliums -  for a stunning combination). €6.50

Spartium junceum - Spanish broom to 3m tall. Fine, spineless and almost leafless shrub with scented springtime yellow flowers. €4.50

Banksia media - the golden stalk banksia. Native of Australia, to around 2m tall. Handsome dark green leaves and showy golden scented flowers. Tolerates coastal conditions and useful windbreak. €8.50
Stipa tenuissima - feather grass. Lovely silky pale seed-heads, clump forming to around 0.60m high. This is the grass used for weaving mats, sandals etc. In two sizes €1.50 and €3.50

And the weather is perfect for planting! Add some of these tough guys to your garden and dry banks and see how they look after themselves.

For those of you who have been wanting anemone hupehensis, we also now have them in stock in white and pink, priced at €6.50. 


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