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Thursday, 11 December 2014

Christmas lunch 9 December - and a good time was had by all

The Christmas lunch was a success and very well attended. Almost 40 of us sat at the festive tables for a delicious meal. It was good to see both old and new members alike getting into the Christmas festivity, and enjoying Henry's witty after dinner speech. Luckily we all got back in time for the football....

New member Lara Silaghi (pictured below) won the 20e Garden Centre gift voucher under the chair, and new member Kathleen Hollington won first prize in the raffle, a Poinsetta. Other raffle prizes of wine were won by new member Ros and Jane Kirk.

Carol and Greg have asked me to post a huge thanks to the Club members for their lovely gifts.  

I wondered if you'd post on the blog our huge thanks to the Club members and especially yourself and Cindy for giving us those lovely gifts.    Of course, I expected the book but it was such a lovely surprise to receive the beautiful bouquet as well and Greg was so surprised and delighted to receive his Calla lilies get well gift.  You both helped to make our farewell a most enjoyable occasion.  Thanks so much to all the members who came to the lunch and contributed to making it such a successful event.  Thanks too to the Fernan's team who looked after us all so well and to Henry Murphy who entertained us so brilliantly.

A further thanks too to all the members who have "volunteered " to help keep the Club afloat namely, Cindy, our Treasurer and THE backbone of the Club since it started 5 years or so ago.  Without her support the Club would not be the success it is today.   Thanks too to Judith who so cleverly manages the blog and continues to make it interesting.   Thanks to Gill Jordan who will be the location scout, Mave who will help with secretarial matters when necessary, Maggie who will ensure the Club has refreshments when appropriate, and Astrid and Peter who will take on the responsibility of the library.  I hope I haven't forgotten anyone.  

Thanks too to Jo who made the table decorations and to David Olson who took the photos (among others!).


David has put his photos together into a video. Follow the link below to Dropbox, for a video of the photos taken by David. Don't choose view, but select the download. It seems to work better. Allow enough time to download as it is a large file and turn up your speakers to enjoy the music.

christmas party video.

If David's video doesnt get you into the Christmas mood I will be surprised!

Here are some photos taken by my Iphone of the event as well. Of course as I took them, I am not pictured on any of these photos, but yes I was there!

Lara winning the SURPRISE voucher

Henry entertaining us all with his after dinner speech

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