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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Jardin Botanico Molino de Inca - visit report and photos

This was a visit that I was sorry to miss at short notice, especially seeing the comments from Jo Robinson below, and the brilliant pictures taken by Gill Jordan.
15 club members made the trip, there being a few last minute drop outs due to ill health and other things.

Please read right to the end where there is a question for members to consider!

Cindy Jones advises that the garden employs three full time gardeners but they have other gardeners they can "pull in" to help with different projects.  

Today there were numerous gardeners around and everywhere was pristine.  

The garden has permanent rights to the water from La Cueva Springs in Torremolinos.

 The hydraulic flour mill is powered by energy produced by a waterfall over five metres high with a flow of 22 litres water per second.




56 species of beautiful palms from all over the world are on display.
Visit report by Jo Robinson
What a gorgeous day to wander round the fabulous gardens in Torremolinos.

We were exceptionally lucky with the weather, in fact it was a day which definitely called for shorts and teeshirts!

The gardens were in the throes of being spruced up for the Spring and everything looked wonderful. Incredibly enough there were all kinds of shrubs and trees resplendent in flower.
Can you imagine seeing Poinsettas, holly berries, white and yellow jasmine all in flower at the same time as begonias, geraniums and even some roses? Absolutely glorious! A huge amount of massive palms from all over the world to feast your eyes on.
The buildings housing the history of the ancient flour mill showed you how the mill was used in days gone by with photos, tools, and all kinds of artefacts which had been dug up during the renovations. And there was water everywhere! Fantastic fountains, rills, waterfalls and ponds all beautifully cared for.

I was happy to see some of the aviaries were being made larger. 
There was a very nice place just down the road in which to have lunch, all very good value and quite delicious.
Apparently there is a garden centre not far away on the same estate which I didn't manage to see, but I shall certainly be going back there as every season will show something different.
Jo Robinson

The photos taken by Gill Jordan show the many features in the garden really well.



 Do you know the answer?

Here's a question for you from Gill Jordan - can anyone identify the plant in the pictures below with the pink flowers? Answers to the editor please at sunley.judith@btinternet.com.


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