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~Mirabel Osler

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Directions for the Garden Club visit 12 May in Sayalonga campo

When reading my email newsletter this morning I noticed that the photos in the directions to Anna and David's house were not opening correctly in the email, although the photos showed correctly on the website.

So I have re-posted them. Hopefully the blog will be OK.

Please follow this link for Garden club visit 12 May again.

Thank you

Judith Sunley

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Garden Open Day Lanjaron - Sunday 17 May

We look forward to seeing you all

sue@selfsufficiency4u.com for directions

Sue Rodgers
visit our Selfsufficiency4u website
Phone: (0034) 689033810
Skype us on: superinspain1
Self-Sufficiency, Organic Gardening & Herbal Courses in Andalucia, Spain

Garden Club visit - Tuesday 12 May in Sayalonga

Our next meeting on Tuesday 12th May will be hosted by two of our garden club members,  Anna and David in Sayalonga.  Please aim for a start for the visit of around 11.00 am as usual.
There is limited parking available and so it will be really useful if you can share cars similar to last month's visit in Canillas de Albaida.
As you will see from the directions below there is a shared one way drive to Anna and David's house. Their house is at the bottom of the drive.

The neighbours have been advised of the date and time of the visit, so will not mind if you park on their drives, however, car sharing is likely to reduce the congestion on the day of the visit.
As our hosts are serving refreshments, it is courteous to advise in advance of our numbers so please email me at cindyjones19@hotmail.com by 7 May to let me know if you are attending and to advise if you need a lift.
This promises to be a great meeting as in addition to seeing Anna and David's garden, they will also inform us of their business "Vetiverspain" to solve erosion problems.

Follow the link http://www.vetiverspain.com/home.html to find out more.

I look forward to seeing you at 11am and please remember if you park first, then you will probably be blocked in, therefore last out!!  So if you have to rush off, please plan accordingly.

Kind regards
Cindy Jones   


From Sayalonga

Turn into the car park and drive up the hill past Taurus Estates (on your left).
From Competa it is a left turn. From Algarrobo it is a right turn. 

 Go to the top of the parking lot and turn left.
 This is the top of the parking lot that goes only left.  There is a short some dirt track before turning to concrete again.
 At 0.6 K from the parking lot you will see Casa Berli.  
 You will pass a false traffic light at the Parador.  Then there is concrete again
 At the T junction you will turn left towards Competa.
 There is a short dirt track here.
 When you see the wall on the right you are almost there.
 See the Green painted rocks?  Turn left here.
Follow the drive all the way to the end.  As your GPS says, "You have arrived." 
This is your parking area for the visit.
The house name is Casa Anna

From Competa

[If you feel faint hearted about taking either route below you could always take the main road from Competa all the way to Sayalonga and then turn left up into the car park in Sayalonga, and follow the instructions with pictures  above].

Route 1
The most direct route is along the Ridge Road towards Sayalonga, turning between Portichuelo and Venta da Palma. However, the track is a bit rough in places, so please drive with care.

Follow the Ridge road past Linda's house (on your right) and go straight on at the T junction where turning right takes you past the Bodega Bentomiz. 

Drive round the bend and down the hill, and just before the large concrete wall on your left you will see a green stone, take an immediate sharp right turn down the shared drive. You will see another green stone on the right as you turn down the track. There are small Cypress trees along the side of the drive on your left. 

Anna and David's house is at the end of the track at the bottom. If the drive is full you can use the concrete drives of the neighbours for parking and turning.

Route 2
Take the main road from Competa to Sayalonga that goes past Viveros Florena.

Before reaching Sayalonga you will see a turn left up a steep track on the bend sign-posted Bodega Bentomiz.

Turn left here and follow the track all the way to the T junction with the Ridge Road.

At the T junction turn right. Drive round the bend and down the hill, and just before the large concrete wall on your left you will see a green stone, take an immediate sharp right turn down the shared drive. You will see the green stone on the right as you turn down the track. There are small Cypress trees along the side of the drive on your left. 
Anna and David's house is at the end of the track at the bottom. If the drive is full you can use the concrete drives of the neighbours for parking and turning.

Mediterranean Gardening Portugal News No 4

Hello everyone,
With the dry winter turning into a dry spring, the wildflower displays have been even more welcome to provide colour and interest, even if not quite as prolific as usual.  We have had some ´botanical´ visitors who have loved the Algarve spring and thoroughly enjoyed their encounter with the plants and landscapes of Portugal. The young professional garden trainees from The Professional Gardeners Guild in particular were surprised to see such diversity and managed to find 8 species of orchids during their limited time with us.
Our conference celebrating the special character of gardens in Portugal will take place in Estoril this coming weekend and we have some day visitor places available if you wish to come along to talks or visits during the event.   
We are very grateful to the private garden owners who have so kindly offered to allow visits on Friday May 1st and Monday May 4th. It is always best to see a garden with the owner who has shaped its development and planting, this is the best way to learn more about what works and what does not !
Our web site continues to be developed with new items and additional images. Please take some time to log in and have a look and let us know your comments, what did you find useful ? and what type of information are you looking for ? We hope to make more of the information available in more languages so any help you can offer with translation would be wonderful.
Welcome to our new contacts from the Nature Tourism Fair in Faro, and our recent Spring Garden Fair near Silves, I hope you will enjoy this newsletter.
With good gardening wishes for the coming early summer days,
Rosie Peddle
Secretary – Mediterranean Gardening Association, Portugal

Tomato, pepper and chilli plants to get those taste buds tingling ....

We´ve got some very special and rare tomato, pepper and chilli plants to get those taste buds tingling!

Sweet Peppers.  €3,50 each
Sweet Banana.
Peppers 15 - 18 cm long, changing from pale yellow to deep red. Delicious in salads.

Chocolate Beauty.
Peppers mature from green to chocolate brown with a wonderful sweet flavor when fully mature.
Chillies.   €3,50 each

Carolina Reaper. The world’s hottest chilli pepper! Ready soon! Scoville units 2,200,000 
Bhut Jolokia Chocolate
Until 2011 this was the hottest pepper in the world! One drop of extract from this pepper needs one million drops of water to no longer be perceived as sharp. This chili pepper is a whopping 125 times hotter than a Jalapeño!
Scoville units 800.000 ~ 1.001.300.
Jalapeño Giant.
This is one of the largest Jalapeño there is. The peppers can be more than 10 cm long and are hot. They are perfect for stuffing. The plant grows easily and is also suitable for pots. Scoville units 4000 ~ 8000.

Penis Pepper Red.
Known as Peter Pepper. The 6,5 to 9 cm peppers mature from green to red. Scoville units: 5000 ~ 30.000
Black Pearl.  A compact plant up to 50 cm high with rich dark purple to black leaves. The round, pearl shaped peppers mature from black to red and are very hot. A beautiful plant that does well in pots, both indoors and outdoors. Scoville units 30.000

Tomatoes. €3,50 each    


White cherry.
A beautiful ivory white cherry tomato with mild, sweet fruit. Looks great mixed with other colourful cherries in salads. Prolific.
Black from Tula.
A Russian heirloom tomato, said to be one of the tastiest with a very rich and sweet flavour. The largest of the black tomatoes, Deep Brown-purple when mature.
Indigo Blue Berries.
Extraordinarily colourful, tasty and healthy. Unripe fruits are amethyst coloured and ripen to almost black with deep, maroon-coloured bottoms. This colour is created by the high concentration of anthocyanin, a naturally occurring antioxidant found in blueberries and is reported to combat disease. The tomatoes have a delicious plum-like flavour.

Big Rainbow.
A very large and sweet heirloom tomato with a rainbow appearance. Fruits can be up to 600 grams each. A late producer.
Gran Muralla China - Great Wall of China.
Large plant with pear-shaped, red,cherry fruits which store very well. Good production.
Grosella Roja - Red Currant.
Tiny tomatoes with great aroma and flavour. Decorative and can drape over a wall. Prolific.
 Lorraine Cavanagh, Viveros Florena, Competa, Malaga.Author of Mediterranean Garden Plants and Citrus, the Zest of Life.

Garden Centre, Landscape Designers and Constructors.
Opening Hours: 10 - 4, closed Sundays and Mondays.
Tel:          689928201
Email:     florenaspain@hotmail.com
Web:       www.viverosflorena.com
Facebk:   Lorraine Cavanagh´s Garden Centre



Monday, 20 April 2015

Donate Garden Produce - Sunday 26th April for Day 4 Life.

Hello all you keen growers!
If you have any spare produce of vegetables, fruit, plant cuttings etc I would like to put them up for sale on my produce stall on Sunday 26th April for Day 4 Life.
All the money will go to CUDECA.
I am happy to come and collect anything either from your house or we could meet at Portichuelo in Competa.
Please contact me as soon as possible.
Kind regards from Jo Robinson - email jotom20042003@yahoo.com.
Skype - casarobinia - 0044 121 288 9565

Sunday, 19 April 2015

More photos - Garden Club visit 14 April

Thanks to David and Anna here is a selection of many of the photos that they took on the recent visit, giving us a great all round reminder of the key features of the garden and hotel.

Take a virtual walk around the gardens and see the delightful seating areas and the unique tree house, and the terraces lush with wild flowers.