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~Mirabel Osler

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Check your timing please for the garden club visit 14 April - Finca El Cerillo

Wow, we have received an outstanding response for our forthcoming visit to El Cerrillo; excellent news that so many club members are interested in our visit.  The down side is that car parking could be chaotic, hence I wrote to a number of you, asking you to car share.  Thank you for your co-operation.

In order to accommodate our large group, Finca El Cerrillo have asked us to split into two groups,
  • the first  group at 10.30am for a tour followed by tea/coffee and
  • the second group at 12 noon and again tea/coffee will be served after a tour.  
Please see the following list for your allocated time.  

There will be two raffles, one per each group.  
Thank you.

Chris Payne          x  4
Peter Slater          x  4
Maggie Gardner   x  4  
Dave & Anna        x  2
Greg                     x  3
Lindsay/Sharon    x  4 
Val & Renate        x 2  ***  no car
Sue Rockall          x  1 *** no car
Patricia Shaw       x  1 *** no car 

Judith Sunley       x 4
Kathleen              x  4
Jacqui  Walker     x  4
Gill J                    x 4
Jill C                    x  3
Hugh Wickes       x 3
Louise Cawson    x 2
Thank you and look forward to seeing you



You can find directions to Finca El Cerillo here http://axarquiagardenclub.blogspot.com.es/2015/03/garden-club-meeting-14-april-2015.html

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