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Thursday, 28 May 2015

Please help these dogs...

Jo Robinson has brought to my attention the plight of some poor dogs that have been living in dreadful conditions and now need new homes, and I hope the animal lovers amongst club members may be able to help.

Please read the details about these dogs below.

If you feel you could help out with that then please contact her on jojoinspain@yahoo.com 

"Thanks to the hard work of a few dedicated people these dogs now can have new homes. But they need short term fostering first.

It has been a long battle but finally we hope a happy ending! Many thanks for your time and hopefully, help! "
Jo Robinson

Not everyone can make a commitment to foster, and as an alternative Jo has asked if any members might like to donate some money towards the dogs upkeep and vet's fees.

If you know Jo you could make a contribution straight away, or we will make a collection at the next garden club meeting, for any members who wish to contribute. Even a small donation from members would be such a help.

In the remote countryside of Competa / Sayalonga, 6 years ago 11 puppies were incarcerated in a purpose built hell-hole of a building that was divided inside into 12 cages. Each cage was approx. 1 metre wide by 2 metres deep. At the back of the cage was a step approx. 1 metre high across the width of the cage. The puppies were kept in those cages for 6 years, with concerned neighbours not knowing what could be done about the situation and having no idea of the extent of the horror within those walls. Eventually, disturbed by heart wrenching screams and howls each night, they alerted the Costa Animal Society (CAS) to the plight of the dogs.

Animal rescue volunteers visited and found the shocking conditions in which the poor animals were being kept. There was no roof, the windows were broken, the floor was ankle deep in excrement, there was no food and the only water was a dark filthy sludge. Each dog was confined to the 1 metre wide step. Even with no roof and no windows, the stench was horrendous.

 Photos were taken and a denuncia was submitted on 19th December to Seprona at Velez Malaga who transferred it to Seprona in Nerja. They visited on 22nd December but found that the roof had been replaced so didn’t enter. They noted that there was nothing untoward but gave no feedback.

 By 29th January, as nothing had been done about the conditions that the dogs were still living in, Seprona Nerja were contacted by animal rescue volunteers and their officer Martinez said that he could see nothing wrong as there was no minimum cage size in law. A further denuncia was therefore submitted by the association of animal rescues, this time direct to Torrox Court.

Again, nothing appeared to happen and a group of neighbours whose lives were being affected by the pitiful screaming and howling of the dogs each night met with the local mayor and were advised to make denuncias to the Guardia Civil. 6 denuncias were therefore submitted on 10th February after which Seprona officers again visited twice. On the 2ndoccasion, they attended with the OCA vet and they met with the owner of the dogs.

 However still nothing changed. A further denuncia was made via the Alerta Animal scheme but again no action resulted. By this time, the neighbours could see that the owner was only visiting the dogs every 7 – 10 days.

 He was therefore contacted to see if he no longer wanted the dogs. He at first resisted, saying he loved them all. Animal rescue volunteers persisted and he was eventually persuaded that it was in everyone’s best interests for the dogs to be given up for adoption, so he signed over ownership and the association of animal rescues moved in to take out the animals, all of whom were clearly traumatised by their experience at his hands and were taken for veterinary care and assessment before being put up for adoption.


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