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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

July meeting - Plants that changed the world - Sue Rodgers

Editor - Apologies for the delay in posting the visit report. I have only just got back from the UK (which is why Tom and I missed the meeting)
On arrival at Salon de Actos, it was clearly "out of order" for a meeting due to the workmen cutting picture tiles to place outside the Town Hall so the group were switched to a room in "Fernans" old bar.  
Thanks to the following members for their help in getting the room ready for our meeting;  Gill for sorting out the much needed air conditioning, Steve for acquiring tables, Linda for sourcing refreshments from Aliprox and everyone for moving the chairs!!!!
Cindy welcomed everyone to the meeting and had received a number of apologies due to many members being back in the UK so we were a much smaller group of 14.
Sadly Cindy announced that Peter and Astrid are away for a number of meetings later in the year and therefore feel they have to "give up" handling the club's library.  The club urgently needs some volunteers to take over this role and if no-one indicates an interest by the next meeting on 11 August, then regretfully the library will discontinue.  If you are interested, please contact Cindy, or Peter and Astrid who will explain what is involved.

Cindy then introduced Sue Rodgers, our speaker for the meeting whose props did not include a single plant but an interesting selection of articles to include; a minature glass house, a can of coke cola, a bottle of tonic water, cotton tee-shirt,  and a rubber. Sue's subject was "Plants that have changed the World"  which everyone enjoyed as it was so informative and interesting.  
Sue also brought along a very comprehensive book "Fifty Plants that have changed the Course of History" by Bill Law.  If the club finds members to run the library then Cindy will purchase the book for us.


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