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~Mirabel Osler

Monday, 27 July 2015

Summer Picnic

Linda and Chris Payne have once again, kindly volunteered to host our annual Garden Club Summer Picnic on Tuesday, 11th August, 2015 at 7pm.
As longer serving members know and hopefully our newer members will enjoy, it’s always a casual, fun evening based on the idea of an  American Pot Luck Supper.” 

So please bring along a plate of finger food to place on the central table for everyone to share.  

The food needs to be either, finger or something that can easily be eaten via plastic cutlery/paper plates!!!! 

As a guide, bring anything you would like to eat at a picnic, as long as it is ‘sharing’ food.  Quiches, salads, plate of sausage rolls or nice sandwiches, that sort of thing.  Desserts are always popular too but nothing that will ‘spoil’ or melt.

It’s extremely useful to bring serving utensils if your dish needs serving.  

The club provides red/white wine and water but obviously you are welcome to bring your own favourite drink/tipple along!!!  

In addition, the club provides paper plates/plastic cutlery/napkins and back by popular demand, musical entertainment from Geoff Murrell.

Linda has advised that it would be helpful if members attending bring folding picnic tables or similar and a couple of folding chairs.

Also as the garden has only limited paths or hard surfaces, it is all rock based and the garden is made out of the old drying beds, so flat or very comfortable shoes are a must.

There is no ‘end’ time, especially if it is warm and people want to sit about and chat after the music has finished.  If anyone wants a swim, bring your swimwear and towels with you!
What do I need to do now?
As courtesy to our hosts, please let us know if you are joining us
by Wednesday 5th August
and let me know the following information

- How many are attending in your car?
- Do you have any spaces to give a lift to a club member?
- Would you like a lift to the picnic?
- Do you want to meet up by Portichuello at approximately 7 pm on the Ridge Road to follow a guide car to Chris and Linda's house.
- Do you want to ‘park’ in the layby at the top of the track, and arrange for someone to meet you there and guide you down, or even park there and come down in another vehicle.
Please do not hit reply to this email as your response may get lost in the system.
Please email your response to sunley.judith@btinternet.com
It is not easy to find so if people do not know the area, or the tracks, it would be best to arrange to meet at Portichuello’s corner and all come together.  About 7 p.m. would be fine. 
If anyone would like to ‘park’ in the laybay at the top of the track, we can arrange for someone to meet them there and guide them down, or even park there and come down in another vehicle.
For independent souls, here goes….
  • Follow the road from Portichuello towards Sayalonga until it goes uphill quite steeply, past Casa de la Mesa where it bends to the right.  Shortly after this the road divides at a fork.  TURN LEFT down the concrete ‘bit’ - there are lots of house names on this corner.
  • Stay on this road , it is not a track, (quite winding, for about 10 minutes) until you see some electricity boxes on your right hand side and a row of conifers next to them, the road starts to bear left here and there is a house up on your left with a steep slope
  • Go down the turning on your right AFTER the conifers (not the one by the boxes).  If you come to a lay bay with a sea view you have gone past it
  • There is a little road marker which says Loma Sepultura and we will put our Garden Club sign out here, with some balloons.  Do not miss this turn.  There is now a mile to go and it is all down hill.
  • Stay on the track, there is a little bit of concrete, passing Casa La Colina on your right.  After the next bend you will see Casa Salsa on the right then a long white wall of Finca Mojito. (then you will know you are on the right track).  The track then goes right , stay on the same track, ignore the Casa los Dos signs on the left.
  • Keep going down , you will pass Casa Raimundo on your left hand side.  We will put some balloons here, just to reassure you.  The track bears left and you will see the gates of ‘Olive Hills’ in front of you.  Keep going down.
  • After that you cannot really go anywhere else but down to us.  After leaving Olive Hills on your left there is another sharp right turn and the corner is not very good.  Take care.  There are no more houses for about half a mile but keep going.  This part of the track is quite a good surface.  At no stage can you see Chris and Linda's Finca!…. but you will arrive in their garden.

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