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Monday, 3 August 2015

Summer picnic - have you replied yet?

Thanks to club members who have contacted me about the annual Summer picnic being held at the lovely house of Chris and Linda Payne - find more details and directions by clicking here Summer picnic

Are you attending?
If so please bring along a plate of finger food to place on the central table for everyone to share.  

The food needs to be either, finger or something that can easily be eaten via plastic cutlery/paper plates!!!! 

As a guide, bring anything you would like to eat at a picnic, as long as it is ‘sharing’ food.  Quiches, salads, plate of sausage rolls or nice sandwiches, that sort of thing.  Desserts are always popular too but nothing that will ‘spoil’ or melt.

It’s extremely useful to bring serving utensils if your dish needs serving.  

The club provides red/white wine and water but obviously you are welcome to bring your own favourite drink/tipple along!!!  

In addition, the club provides paper plates/plastic cutlery/napkins and back by popular demand, musical entertainment from Geoff Murrell.

Linda has advised that it would be helpful if members attending bring folding picnic tables or similar and a couple of folding chairs.

Have you replied?

As courtesy to our hosts, please let us know if you are joining us
by Wednesday 5th August
and let me know the following information
- How many are attending in your car?

- Do you have any spaces to give a lift to a club member?
- Would you like a lift to the picnic?
- Do you want to meet up by Portichuello at approximately 7 pm on the Ridge Road to follow a guide car to Chris and Linda's house.
- Do you want to ‘park’ in the layby at the top of the track, and arrange for someone to meet you there and guide you down, or even park there and come down in another vehicle.

Thank you.

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